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Six Week Summer Intensive

The 2022 Summer Intensive is a six week program based on the foundation of the full-time Two Year Certificate Acting Program curriculum. Like the Two Year Program, the Summer Intensive is built on the foundations of the Meisner Technique. Coursework includes acting, voice and speech, acting for camera, and dance.

Classes are held Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 5:30pm. The program is designed for students with varying levels of experience and training; often, we have students of all ages come from across the United States and the world.

The 2022 Six Week Summer Intensive runs from June 6th through July 15th, 2022. Orientation (required) is Thursday, June 2nd, 2022.

Many students who complete the Summer Intensive program wish to continue their studies in the full-time Two Year Certificate Acting Program and apply to do so. While acceptance to the full-time program is not guaranteed by attendance of the Summer Intensive, it’s a wonderful way for the school to get to know the student and vice versa, and we tend to look favorably on applicants who have completed the program.

*Funding Now available for the 2022 Six Week Summer Intenstive*

New funding options are now available through Sallie Mae's Career Training Smart Option Student Loan. These funds are now available to students enrolled in the Summer Intensive.

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Application Deadline for the 2022 six week Summer Intensive 

All applications are accepted, processed, and considered for admission on a rolling basis. We will continue to accept qualified applications until enrollment of accepted students reaches program capacity. As we are a small, selective conservatory, we recommended that applicants apply sooner rather than later to secure their place for the coming year and make all the necessary arrangements for housing, tuition payment, etc. Contact  Admissions for more information at

Tuition Deadline for the 2022 six week Summer intensive

Domestic Tuition Deadline: May 2nd, 2022

International Tuition Deadline: March 4th, 2022

**Deadline flexibility in special circumstances.  

Email to inquire**


Summer Six Week
Total Length: 6 Weeks | Full-Time

Summer Six Week + Acting on Pitch Singing Elective
Total Length: 6 Weeks | Full-Time

**Remote Learning hours may vary**

Meisner Acting Technique I 

Students are guided through a system of exercises developed by Sanford Meisner here at The Neighborhood Playhouse including: improvisation, repetition, independent activity, and scene work. The work is designed to develop the actor’s concentration and strengthen the actor’s instrument to be both responsive and expressive within the imaginary circumstances. The technique creates a more specific, skilled, and authentic actor with an organic, spontaneous, and disciplined instrument.

Acting for Film & Television 

Prepares students to translate their acting through the lens of the camera and meet the professional demands of the industry. Students will work on monologues, scenes, and audition materials. The work will be filmed, reviewed and critiqued so that students learn to spontaneously internalize direction. Topics covered include voiceovers, auditioning, technical vocabulary, and performance techniques.

Voice and Speech I 

This class focuses on developing an expressive, flexible, and resonant voice with stamina and range. Students are instructed in the phonetic alphabet and diction with the goal of mastering Standard American Speech and eliminating any regional or foreign accent. The goal is for each student to develop a neutral, organic voice for theatre, film, and television.

Theatre dance for actors 

Theatre dance for actors is a class focused on story, emotion, and character. Beginning each class with a complete physical warm up, students will study two to three short dances from one chosen piece of musical theatre each week. They will be encouraged to focus not only on “what” their bodies are doing but “why” allowing them to understand the importance of how movement can be used to tell a story. 

Intstructor, Ben Hartley: Ben Hartley is a director, choreographer, filmmaker, educator & Broadway professional. He recently wrote & directed the multi award winning short films, Free and Early Mourning; both distributed by ShortsTV & Amazon Prime. Ben is currently working on his third short film about an aging hero of the gay rights movement and his first feature. He choreographed Held Momentarily for NYMF, Gypsy in Houston, TX, Hairspray in Stamford, CT, & Ballet Central UK. He served as Movement Director and/or Choreographer for twelve full scale productions for “The Fame School” NYC & a tribute to Broadway legend, Ben Vereen. Ben served as the Assistant Choreographer on the Broadway production of Enron & the reading of Robin & The Seven Hoods. He performed in Broadway & West End productions of The Little Mermaid, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Fiddler on the Roof, Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, Cinderella, & The Carman, Follies, Cats, & Fosse as well as regional productions of Hello Dolly, Pirates of Penzance, & The Most Happy Fella. Ben is the founder & director of The Broadway Experience.

Modern Dance 

Dance/Movement classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse are based on the technique and theater tradition of Martha Graham. The training connects students to their physical instrument, to the imagination, and to the emotional source of movement.  The Summer Intensive focuses on mastering simple movement vocabulary to develop awareness and control of the body, flexibility and strength through the Graham floor and standing work with special emphasis on the use of breath and voice to amplify movement. Directed improvisation challenges students to experience and express physically, to discover personal expression through movement.  Live music accompaniment enhances expressive potential and provides training in fundamentals of phrasing and rhythm. Focused on individual exploration, classes are accessible to students with no previous experience as well as challenging for those with prior training. 

Acting on Pitch 

We are thrilled to offer this NEW Summer Elective Course offering taught by Ms. Sandy Faison and accompanied by Larry Pressgrove. This is not a traditional singing class. This is a singing class for actors wishing to further their performance ability through learning to act on pitch. You do not have to be an accomplished singer to participate, all levels of experience are welcome, but a basic knowledge of singing is strongly recommended. Participants will work on a song that is either well known to them, in the hope of gaining deeper understanding, or a new song they have always wanted to work on for an audition. Either way, students will learn to make a personal connection to the material with the ultimate goal of sharing something personal through music. The goal of this class is to help prepare you to shine, both as an actor and as a singer, at auditions. *You must be enrolled in the 2021 Online Six Week Summer Intensive to register and attend this elective course.* LIMITED enrollment, max 16 people. 

Prices, curriculum, and faculty subject to change.